From the recording A New Kind Of Old

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New Kind Of Old

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She’s got blueberry curls and green eyes
Diamond earrings that will make you go blind
But they all fall in the shadow of her beautiful eyes
He fell in love

He’s got jet black hair and patent leather shoes
A voice as sweet as honey - Man you should hear him sing the blues
He’s got a smile for everyone but eyes only for her
She fell in love

Now they got a new kind of old kind of love
Yeah they got a new kind of old kind of love
They got a once upon a time kind, a kind that will blow your mind
They new kind of old...kind of love

Now they sleep in in the morning and they stay up late at night
Singing in the rain and dancing in the moonlight
On a magic carpet ride their harmonies take flight
They fell in love

Yeah they’re always together, living hand in hand
Like two birds of a feather in love’s promise-land
Surrounded by their timeless melodies,
Yeah they’re in love

They got a once upon a time kind / the kind that’ll blow your mind
The make you turn on a dime kind, got you feeling so fine’ kind.
Get up and dance and sing / buy me a diamond ring
They got a new kind of old, kind of love.