Erin & Ross

Ever since the unpredictably magical night that the universe brought them together, Erin Futterer and Ross Falzone have been busy writing and making music. Their unique yet nostalgic sound reflects their diverse musical backgrounds and experiences, from the conservatory to the street. Through their original songs and reimagined versions of standards, the duo seeks to include the audience in the magic and the mystery of the musical experience. 

Ross and I spent several days in the company of these great musicians and artists at The Studio Nashville not long ago. Each one of these guys offered something truly special to our project, and all were phenomenal to work with and be around. We cut 7 tracks and added several top-notch troops to our New Kind of Old crusade. 

Pictured: Rory Hoffman: guitar, clarinet, keyboard, accordion, whistle 

Ross Falzone: guitar, vocals

Erin Futterer: horn, vocals

Jano Rix: drums, percussion

 Brook Sutton: The Studio Nashville, engineer

Zeb Briskovich: bass

Greg Welsch: Videography

NP: Chris Walters: Piano, keyboards, string arr.  (When Love Takes a Bite Out of You)

Leif Shires: trumpet, flugelhorn, horn arr. (Blow My Horn, Simply Falling, Uptempo), string arr. (Simply Falling, ballade)

Roland Barber: trombone, horn arr. (Promenade, Inspired by You, A New Kind of Old) 

Rahsaan Barber: tenor sax, flute 

Strings: David Davidson, violin; David Angell: violin; Kristen Wilkenson, viola; Emily Nelson cello

Simply Falling In Love written by: James Hamer (BMI), R. Falzone, E. Futterer

All other songs written by: Futterer | Falzone (SESAC)